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Mercedes SHIFTPOWER 4.0+ performance module

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Eliminates acceleration delay, selectable driving mode, control from bluetooth app

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SHIFTPOWER 4.0+ performance module, eliminates acceleration delay, selectable driving mode, control from bluetooth app

Performance module that will change your driving experience by eliminating the acceleration delay with various driving and safety modes. It allows maximum customization of its performance now with integrated Bluetooth, and App available for iOS and Android.

Main features:

  • Immediate acceleration response
  • Great driving pleasure
  • Overtake safer
  • Sportier driving
  • Simple installation (fast connection without the need for any programming)
  • Plug and play (does not alter the originality of the car)
  • Module with integrated bluetooth, controllable and configurable of the application on smartphone
  • Ergonomic button with soft finish
  • Quality plug & play harnesses with automotive standard expansive nylon mesh protection and waterproof IP67 connectors.

Driving mode:

- DYNAMIC (green)
Smooth response, moderate acceleration gain. Suitable for use in the city.

- SPORT (yellow)
Medium-fast response. Suitable for use in the city.

- SUPER SPORT (orange)
Quick response with a sportier feeling. Suitable for use on highways.

- RACE (red)
Extremely aggressive response. Suitable for use on motorways, ideal for fast overtaking.

Security mode:

The maneuver mode limits the accelerator pedal to 30% and can be adjusted from 15 to 45% through the application, it can be activated both from the app and from the button.
With the use of the App it is possible to configure the automatic exit from this mode for presence when approaching the vehicle, making it much more practical.

The lock mode works like an anti-theft device, completely canceling the throttle response. It can be activated both from the application and from the button.
As in the maneuvering mode, it is also possible to configure the automatic exit from the mode with the presence lock.


To allow maximum customization of the performance of the ShiftPower module, download the SHIFT POWER application. Available for IOS and Android.
The driving modes Dynamic, Sport, Super Sport and Race can be configured from the App to have a personalized response with quick access via the button.


- Total customization with over 300 performance maps.
- Automatic or manual adjustment of button illumination for day and night modes.
- Automatic deactivation options for maneuver and lock modes via Presence Lock.
- Configure limits for valet parking mode.


Classe A2011 até 2019-FT-SP22
Classe C2011 até 2019-FT-SP22
Classe CL2000 até 2007-FT-SP25
Classe CLA2012 até 2019-FT-SP22
Classe CLK2000 até 2009-FT-SP25
2014 até 2019-FT-SP22
Classe CLS2010 até 2019-FT-SP22
Classe GL2012 até 2019-FT-SP22
Classe GLA2014 até 2019-FT-SP22
Classe GLK2019-FT-SP22
Classe SLK2000 até 2011-FT-SP25
2012 até 2019-FT-SP22
Classe SLS2010 até 2019-FT-SP22

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