Citroen RD4 CAN XCARLINK Interface USB / SD / iPod / iPhone / AUX Front Expand

Citroen RD4 CAN USB / SD / iPod / iPhone / AUX Interface Xcarlink

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 USB / SD / iPod / iPhone / AUX  Interface for Citroen RD4 radios with Quadlock Fakra connector.

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 USB / SD / iPod / iPhone / AUX  Interface for Citroen RD4 radios with Quadlock Fakra connector.

New V9 version: one interface for all your devices.

XCARLINK is the USB / SD / AUX and iPod / iPhone interface famous for its excellent sound quality and for easy installation original equipment radios.

Listening to your MP3 or WMA music files in car has never been easier: just connect your USB storage device (flash drive) or SD (card) or your iPod or iPhone at Xcarlink and it will even allow you to control your files through the controls on your stereo and steering wheel.

You will be able to select folders like CD, files as tracks, select Repeat or Random mode etc. ...

Also, if your car is equipped with radio controls on the steering wheel you can use them to access the functionality described above.

All this with the utmost discretion: no wires around the car! Xcarlink connects directly to the CD changer port on the back of your car stereo and can be hidden in one of the storage compartments.

No FM broadcast audio: direct connection assures the highest quality audio and excludes any interference due to an internal circuit filter.

The latest version of XCARLINK is also equipped with BT port / AUX IN which allows the connection of the Bluetooth module that allows you to talk hands-free with your phone through the car's audio system.


Key Features for Xcarlink interfaces:

Perfect CD quality Sound
This is not an FM transmitter and does not transmit FM radio signals to your radio like other products on the market. Instead it connects directly to the CD changer port on your original car stereo to give you the best possible DIGITAL sound quality.

Control your music files through your existing car stereo controls and Steering Wheel
With the xcarlink you can perform all functions that you would normally use with your Car CD player to control your imp3/wma files. You can select tracks, rewind, fast forward and adjust the volume through your existing volume control. You can even use the controls on your steering wheel.

Continue to use your existing CD changer
Another unique feature of the Xcarlink is that you can still continue to use your existing CD Changer (6CD/multi-disk). Other products on the market would force you to disconnect your CD changer as it occupies the CD changer port on your Stereo, however the Xcarlnk has a loop-through input which allows you to keep your CD changer, it will function as normal while the ipod is connected. (*CD changer loopthrough only available with VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda adapters)

Easy To Install
The interface connects directly to the existing CD Changer port on your Car stereo which in some cars can be reached from the passenger side, on other cars the car stereo will need to be removed. Instructions to remove your car stereo to access the CD changer port can be found through many online resources, car manuals or by a local installer. On most cars the unit can be installed in approx 30 minutes.


Interface External dimensions: 100 x 22 x 65 mm approx
Length cable interface connector for radio: 1 mt

Package Includes:

Xcarlink V9 main console
CD changer connection
3.5mm Line in cable
USB extension cable
iPod /iPhone / iPad docking cable

Support bracket securing Xcarlink interface
Built in SD card slot (SDHC Compatible)
Presentation hard gift packing
User Guide



ModelloAnno Autoradio
(phase 2 e 3)
All RD4,
Wip Sound,
Wip Nav,
My Way
 CAN bus network.

(phase 2)
C4,C4 Picasso
(phase 2)
C5(phase 2)
Berlingo II Gen.
JumpyII Gen.
JumperII Gen.
CD changer port must be enabled by dealer diagnostic tool before to install the interface.




Wiring example:

Xcarlink wiring example




RD4 N2 MP3-02RD4 D2 N2

CitroenBerlingo, Nemo, Jumpy, Jumper, DS5, DS4, DS3, C6, C5, C4 Picasso, C4, C3, C2
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