AUX-in interface Mercedes with MOST Expand

AUX-in interface Mercedes with MOST

Mercedes Mercedes



Audio AUX-input. Factory-CD-changer is emulated. A factory-CD-changer can be used at the same time (only for Audi).

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Interface for the connection of extern stereo-audio source for Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Porsche navigation systems.

The AUX-110 emulates a factory CD changer and will be recognized and presented as the head unit.

Emulation of the additional audio input as a second CD changer (CD7) in Audi MMI 3G that can be installed to the first changer. In BMW, Mercedes and Porsche will be emulated the additional audio input via the CD changer (CD1), thereby the existing factory CD changer can not be used.









AudiRadio / Navigation
  A5 (B8)  MMI3G basic/high
  A6 (4F - 4FH Allroad)  MMI3G basic/high
  A7 (4G)  MMI3G basic/high
  A8 (4E - 4H)  MMI3G basic/high
  Q5   MMI3G basic/high
  Q7 (4L)  MMI3G basic/high
with Professional Radio, Business and Professional navigation system (CCC, CIC) with iDrive
Audio 5
Audio 20
APS 50
PCM 2.0 e PCM 2.1










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