FISCON Upgrade kit UHV Low / Premium FISCON "Basic-Plus" - Seat Expand

FISCON Upgrade kit UHV Low / Premium FISCON "Basic-Plus" - Seat

Seat Seat



FISCON Upgrade kit UHV Low / Premium FISCON "Basic-Plus" - Seat equipped with head unit Media System 2.1

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Your vehicle is factory fitted with a premium hands free system (rSAP) but your mobile phone doesn't support the rSAP-feature?

Your vehicle is factory fitted with an UHV Low hands free system but you want to expand the range of functionality?

The Kufatec Bluetooth upgrade - kit will be the best solution for this problem.
This kit allows you to upgrade from factory fitted hands free system:
Hands free system Premium (rSAP)... to the FISCON hands free system version "Basic-Plus".

Suitable for almost all available Bluetooth mobile phones on the market.
Range of functionality always depends on the mobile phone.

Suitable for vehicles equipped with Volkswagen head unit*
- RNS 510
- RCD 510
- RNS 310 (from 2011 model year with RNS 310 software index 0351)
- RNS 315

Driver information system+ (DIS+) is needed in order to use the telephone operation through the instrument cluster
Easy installation - Plug & Play.

Suitable for Skoda vehicles equipped with head unit*
- Columbus
- Bolero
- Amundsen (from 2011 model year with Amundsen software index 0351)
- Amundsen Plus
Suitable for Seat vehicles equipped with head unit*
- Media System 2.1


Overall integration in the vehicle Infotainment systems
Automatic national language-auto set and display of the national language.
Current available languages:

Audio response through the speakers of the vehicle - no installation of additional speakers neccessary
A2DP Audiostreaming in order to play music files through the speakers of the vehicle (if supported by mobile phone)
SMSshort messages (if supported by mobile phone)
SMS reading, sending of ready made short messages
Guided OEM-operation by using:
Head unit RCD 510, RNS 310, RNS 315, RNS 510
Head unit Columbus, Bolero, Amundsen, Amundsen Plus (Seat)
Multifunctional steering wheel (if available)
DIS stalk switch (if available)
Driver information system+ (DIS+) has to be factory fitted
Volume control regarding:
Ring tone
Microphone adjustment (up to 30DB) through the cluster in order to optimize the voice quality
Software Updates always available.

FISCON diagnostic access - While using VW-Audi diagnostic system VAS the following functions can be completed:
Check interface information (software index)
Completing an Interface RESET (factory settings)
ICON display - In case of storing different numbers within one contact the specific icon will be displayed:
Display of provider as well as coverage (if supported by mobile phone)
Using of the following telephone functions:
Phonebook browsing** (limited to 1000 phonebook entries -  sub-entries included)
Placing, answering, ending a call
Volume control
Best voice quality (even by high pace)

DIS Add on -Extended display of the following data's through the instrument cluster:
Only available for vehicles with red DIS
Boost pressure in bar (depends on vehicle)
Oil temeperature in°C/ F
Water temeperature in°C/ F
Remaining petrol capacity in l
Speed in km/h - m/h
Revolutions per minute.

Scope of delivery:

Bluetooth Interface

FISCON operating through head unit RNS 310 from 2011 model year with RNS 310 software index 0351
*At this stage the handsfree kit is suitable for the following vehicle:

- Seat Leon (1P)

**If supported from mobile phone
SeatLeon 1P
CategoryBluetooth integration

FISCON Bluetooth Hands free


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