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MINI with Professional navigation CCC Video interface Media-controller

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v.LOGiC Media-controller for MINI Professional navigation CCC, with 6.5inch monitor and 10 pin LVDS monitor plug.

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v.LOGiC Media-controller for MINI Professional navigation CCC, with 6.5inch monitor and 10 pin LVDS monitor plug.

V4 media-controller - 3 AV-inputs with device control + rear-view camera input + front camera integration & more

The V4 media-controller allows to connect up to three different AV-sources (after-market devices e.g. DVD player, DVB-T tuner) to the factory navigation system of the vehicle manufacturer.If the AV-source(s) is/are in the list of compatible devices, it is possible to control the AV-source(s) by the factory infotainment. Additionally the connection of a rear-view camera is possible and an output to rear-seat entertainment is available. A front camera can be integrated through the third AV-input. Rear-view and front camera act jointly with each other and with the factory infotainment. From all operation modes, the video is automatically switched to connected factory and after-market cameras according to the users needs and switched back to previous video after the parking maneuver is finished. Video-in-motion is included for AV-sources that are connected to the factory infotainment through the V4. 

Product features:

  • Plug and play media-controller with controls by factory infotainment
  • Own on-screen display and setup
  • On 8.8" 24:10 ultrawide monitor 5 picture format modes (1 split-mode with factory video, 4:3, 16:9, full screen and zoom)
  • On 6.5" 16:9 monitor 3 picture format modes (4:3, full screen and zoom)
  • 3 AV-inputs
  • Controls of after-market devices (e.g. DVB-T tuner, DVD-player, DAB tuner) by factory infotainment
  • 2 trigger outputs (+12V max. 1A), separately adjustable switching events
  • Video-in-motion
  • Rear-view camera input
  • Automatic switching to rear-view camera input on engagement of reverse gear from all operation modes
  • AV3 can be used for front camera (automatic swtiching on parking maneuver, automatic return at 20km/h)
  • Manual switching to rear-view camera (only for vehicles with PDC button)
  • Manual return from rear-view and front camera (cancellation of automatic switching)
  • Picture-in-picture mode combining after-market rear-view and front camera picture(s) with factory parking sensor graphics
  • Compatible with all factory video accessories (e.g. rear-view camera, TV-tuner)
  • Rear-seat-entertainment output for AV-sources connected to the V4
  • USB update-port for software-updates by consumer


Compatible to MINI Professional navigation CCC with 6.5inch monitor and 10pin LVDS connector.

MINI 10/2006 - 08/2010MINI Professional navigation CCC (6.5inch monitor)


Factory AUX: A factory audio-AUX input is required. On some head-units it is already activated. If not, it is necessary to code the head-unit to audio-AUX by diagnosis computer or with our optional available OBD-coders.


Operation voltage10.5V – 14.8V
Stand-by power drain<0.1mA
Operation power drain190mA
Power consumption2.6W
Temperature range-20°C to +80°C
Measurements141 x 30 x 105 mm


  • Video-insertion: 10pin HSD LVDS
  • Power and CAN-bus: Plug & play
  • Video-input (3x): RCA connector
  • Rear-view camera-input: RCA connector
  • Audio-input (3x): 2-channel RCA connector

Remember that in some states it is illegal to use the video in motion while driving!

The manufacturer of this item, and the administrator of this site will not be responsible for any damage to persons or property caused by improper use or in terms contrary to the laws.

MiniR50-52-53, R55-56-57
CategoryRear View Camera Interfaces, Video integration, Video in Motion

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