Video interface for Volkswagen with MIB STD2 PQ /+NAV - systems Discover Media,Composition Media Expand

Video interface for Volkswagen with MIB STD2 PQ /+NAV - systems Discover Media,Composition Media

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Video Interface for Volkswagen MIB STD2 PQ /+NAV - Discover Pro, Discover Media,Composition Media

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Video Interface for Volkswagen MIB STD2 PQ /+NAV - Discover Pro, Discover Media,Composition Media

This interface allows you to integrate an external video source to your cars factory fitted screen. Once connected it gives you the ability to connect an in car DVD player, games console (such as Playstation2 or Xbox), iPod video, digital TV tuner, rear view camera, car navigation GPS etc to keep your passengers entertained.

The multimedia interface has 1 video input and a rear camera input. The interface does not replace your original system - it offers perfect integration to maintain your OEM appearance. The interface connects directly to the head unit and you can select video source using the provided switch to change video source (depending by the systems)

Product features:

  • Video-insertion for factory-infotainment systems
  • 1 CVBS video-inputs for after-market devices (e.g. DVD-Player, DVB-T tuner, .)
  • Rear-view camera CVBS video-input
  • Automatic switching to rear-view camera input on engagement of reverse gear
  • Video-in-motion (ONLY for connected video-sources)
  • Compatible with factory rear-view camera
  • Video-inputs PAL and NTSC compatible




Volkswagen MIB STD2 PQ /+NAV (SD slots at sides of the monitor-not in glove compartment) - disc drive above 6.33inch monitor

ModelloRadio / Navigazione
  Amarok from 2017
MIB STD2 PQ /+NAV - Composition Media / Discover Media
(1x SD vertical left or 2x SD vertical left + right and disc drive above 6.33inch monitor)
  Beetle (5C) from 2015  
  Caddy (2K) from 2016
  Multivan (T6) 2015 - 2019
  Scirocco3 (13) from 2016
  Sharan (7N) from 2016
  Tiguan (AD1) from 2016
  Caddy4 (SA) 2016 - 2020



The interface inserts ONLY video signals into the infotainment. For sound use the possibly existing factory-audio-AUX-input or a FM-modulator.

Automatically switching-back from inserted video to factory rear-view camera is only possible while the reverse gear is engaged. To delay the switch-back an additional electronic part is required.



BATT/ACC range7V ~ 25V power drain<6mA
Video input0.7V˜1V
Video input formatsNTSC PAL
Temperature range-40°C to +85°C
Dimensions123 x 11 x 76 mm (W x H x D)


  • Video-insertion: ribbon cable
  • Power harness
  • Video-input (1x): RCA female connector
  • Rear-view camera-input: RCA female connector

Remember that in some states it is illegal to use the video in motion while driving!

The manufacturer of this item, and the administrator of this site will not be responsible for any damage to persons or property caused by improper use or in terms contrary to the laws.

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