MERCEDES NTG5.5 Comand Online rear and front camera input interface Expand

MERCEDES NTG5.5 Comand Online rear and front camera input interface

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Video inserter for front - and rear-view camera and 2 video-sources.
Compatible with Mercedes Benz vehicles generation NTG5.5 with Comand Online.

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Video inserter compatible with Mercedes Benz vehicles with Comand Online NTG5.5. For connection of a front-, rear-view camera and another video source.

Product features

  • Video-inserter for factory-infotainment systems
  • 2 CVBS video inputs for back- and front camera
  • 2 CVBS video-inputs for after-market devices (e.g. DVD-Player, DVB-T tuner, ...)
  • Automatic switching to rear-view camera input on engagement of the reverse gear
  • Manual switching to front camera by keypad or factory-button
  • Video-in-motion (ONLY for connected video-sources)
  • AV-inputs PAL/NTSC compatible


 Class E (W213) from 06/2016
Comand Online NTG5.5 with 10.25 or 12inch monitor

Audio20 NTG5.5 with 7 or 8inch monitor
 Class C (W205) from 08/2018
 CLS-Coupé (C257) from 02/2018
 Class E Coupé (A/C238) from 09/2017
 Class G (G464) from 05/2018
 Class GLC (X253) from MY2019
 Class S-Coupé (C217) from 05/2017
 Class S (V/X/W222) from 05/2017
 GT AMG 4 door (X290) from 09/2018


Video only
The interface inserts ONLY video signals into the infotainment. For inserting Audio signals either the possibly existing factory audio-AUX-input or a FM-modulator can be used. For AUX option coding we offer OBD-coder CI-OBD-N45-X-01.
Factory rear-view cameraAutomatic switching-back from inserted video to factory rear-view camera is only possible while the reverse gear is engaged. To delay the switch-back an additional electronic part is required.


Operation voltage7V – 25V
Stand-by power drain<10mA
Video input0.7V - 1V
Video input formatNTSC
RGB-video amplitude0.7V with 75 Ohm impedance
Temperature range-40°C to +85°C
Dimensions video-box113×22×92 mm (W×H×D)
Dimensions CAN-box87×27×65 mm (W×H×D)

Connections (Interface-box)

  • Video-insertion: Double Fakra
  • Power and CAN-bus harness
  • Video-inputs (2x): RCA connector
  • Rear-view camera-input: RCA connector
  • Front camera-input: RCA connector


Remember that in some states it is illegal to use the video in motion while driving!

The manufacturer of this item, and the administrator of this site will not be responsible for any damage to persons or property caused by improper use or in terms contrary to the laws.

MercedesC Class W205, Classe E W213, Classe S Coupè C217, S Class W222
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